Our vision is to be able to transform developing Nation States education systems, for free.

To do that we will be in the top 1% of training design and delivery providers in the world.

To learn more about our Global Vision or get involved, with our charitable work or contact us for further details or go to www.RippleAfrica.org

We will generate sufficient profit to implement the strategy of a global learning institute that attracts:

  • the best companies
  • the best providers
  • the best consultancies
  • the most enlightened governments

Everybody must win to make it work

The core aim of P3

Our core values

People -  Only people can make the difference

Passion - We always put our money where our mouth is. We have the energy, every time, to do what it takes. We help people to have as much excitement in learning as we have in helping them do it

Performance - We help people to continuously make a difference, however big or small, that will impact on business and personal performance. Enjoyment is the key to performance

World Class

Since few organisations, or groups within an organisation, will ever need precisely the same thing, there can be no such thing as a typical P3 Training Course. But that said, we can at least establish some of the not so common features:

The first thing about attitudinal-based learning is attitude. And when we talk attitude we mean positive.

There is no place for passive participation on a P3 Course.

Participants can expect total interaction - involvement, energy, and enthusiasm - all in full measure. In short, a truly stretching and enlightening experience.

Set Up ... Upset ... then Set Down

All training starts with the Set Up.

Here the impact of new contexts and perspectives is designed to generate real enthusiasm for what is to come. Very soon, even the most hesitant or reluctant participants come around aching for more.

Now we can move on to the Up Set part of the process - but it's far less upsetting than it sounds. In our experience, you don't move far forward dragging baggage from the past, so we make a point of dumping that first. The objective is to encourage trainees to raise their own expectations in readiness to face a new challenge.

With this shift in learning ethos established, we are ready to start with the serious transfer of information. This stage is the Set Down, where hands-on exercises put the new knowledge into practice to reinforce retention and learning, but more important still, to give everyone an immediate chance to experience the first fruits of their new perceptions.

It works

Visitors looking for more information on our theories and methods may wish to view the following pdf files:

Attitudinal Based Learning (120kb) - A recent article focussing on changing learner's attitudes and the resulting positive effects.

Accelerated Learning Methodology (1.4mb) -  A nice introductory treatise on the background to Accelerate Learning techniques.

Brain Dominance (768k) -  More serious stuff this. The difference between activating the left and right side of the brain, and more.

Feed your Brain 2000 (368k) -  Give your brain a chance. Learn what to eat to become super (or perhaps more) intelligent.

It's world-class because of  its global impact.

Appreciation of the huge potential of attitudinal-based learning has brought new vision and the development of new and even more ambitious strategies.

In particular there is the realization of the impact this could have in developing countries. Here old beliefs and a lack of individual development severely frustrate attempts to keep up in a rapidly changing world.

Everybody must win to make it work

The core aim of P3

Techniques which rapidly promote a positive approach to learning will greatly improve the dissemination of essential new skills and knowledge which, in turn, will make a significant difference to economies, individual health and prosperity and, ultimately, even to the stability of the countries in question.

And all of this could come about because someone actually cared enough to ask what impact attitude can have on the learning process.

So what makes our approach so new and different?

Is it in the Science?

  • Certainly - This is all based on leading edge research*

Is it in the Results?

  • Definitely - No other method is more effective

Is it Unique?

  • Absolutely - Nobody else does it quite like P3

Only those who have participated in a truly mind-stretching event can ever know the sheer energy, excitement and fulfilment that comes from it.

Sadly, far too few ever get the chance to share such an experience. 

But delegates to P3 Training can generally count themselves among the fortunate few...

P3 Courses are different - each individually created not only to satisfy particular goals, but to reach into the minds of specific participants too.

"Positive, enjoyable and stretching !" - Training Manager, MBNA Bank

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